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PowerWash Products

PowerWash has been developed to meet the increasingly demanding cleaning needs of the Surface Mount Technology industry.

  • Developed primarily for the removal of SMT or conductive epoxy based adhesives the product may be also used for the removal of solder paste from mis-printed boards or from screen-printing stencils.

  • For use by hand application, ultrasonic or automatic pressurised systems.

  • This is probably one of the most effective andpowerfuldegreaser / epoxy remover available on the market today.

  • This product is available as a fluid or in tubs and buckets for convenient application. The fabric used in the wipes is of the very highest quality low lint 68 gramme fabric.

  • For industrial use only.

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  Part No. Item Size Price  
3580 PowerWash 15L 135.09
3581 PowerWash 5L 47.74
3582 PowerWash 1L 14.32
3578 PoweWash wipes Tub of 75 16.5cm x 25cm 17.91
3654 Mini PowerWash wipes Tub of 75 13cmx13cm wipes 5.58
3663 Powerwash 3L bucket of wipes Bucket of 150 23cmx25cm 24.09