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About Us

Combining a wealth of manufacturing experience and technical skill ChemWipes has decided to offer our products directly to the public for the first time. Products that so far have been available only to contractors and other professional users are now available to the home as well as the professionals.

We offer you the most advanced cleaning products available today in both impregnated cloth and liquid formats to give you the choice of application suitable for you. Most importantly our products have been tested and proven to work by many professional users across various industries; they will outperform the supermarket equivalents.

We have divided this site into numerous applications to help you in the search for the correct product for your requirements - some of our products span many applications. Take your time to browse the list of what we have to offer. If you have any questions please fee free to email us and we will ensure a prompt reply.

As ChemWipes manufacture and distribute the products from our premises in the UK you can be assured that the quality, speed of delivery and service provided is second to none. We do not use distributors so these products are available only from ChemWipes direct. Our products are not to be confused with inferior imported items.

We are certain you will get great service from whichever of our products you decide to choose to use…