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Wet wipes, Dry Wipes, Cleaning materials for Janitorial, Aviation, Automotive and more from
Engineering & Aviation
MEK Wipes MEK Wipes
Impregnated with MEK these wipes are suitable for the following applications : ...

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IPA Wipes (all types) IPA Wipes (all types)
Pre-saturated wipes for general cleaning applications.                          ...

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SuperWash SuperWash
A highly effective aqueous based cleaner designed to remove fluxes and flux resi...

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Electrofusion Welding Wipes Electrofusion Welding Wipes
The very high alcohol content >90% in these wipes ensures the joint is comple...

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IPA (Technical Grade) IPA (Technical Grade)
Our IPA (iso-propyl alcohol, propan-2-ol) is manufactured to the highest standar...

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PowerWash Products PowerWash Products
PowerWash has been developed to meet the increasingly demanding cleaning needs o...

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