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Flat packed dry ultra low lint wipes

Theses wipes are flat packed in anti static bags for use in cleanrooms, electronic production , optical manufacturing and silicone wafer areas.

The ultra low lint fabric makes them particularly suitable for more criical and demanding applications, the anti-static outer pouch enables the wipes to be taken safely into electonic production areas without generating harmful static.

The cut edges of this wipe offer very low fibre generation when compared to the more traditional perforated edge. 

These wipes are available in two weights : 68GSM and 42GSM

  Part No. Item Size Price  
3644 9"x9" flat wipe 42 GSM 100 sheet 9"x9" 15.41
3645 9"x9" flat wipe 68GSM 100 sheet 9"x9" 13.00
3696 12"x12" flat wipes 68gsm 150 sheet 37.61