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Combining a wealth of manufacturing experience and techniques, Chemwipes have compiled a range of products for domestic through to industrial cleaning applications such as wet wipes, dry wipes and other cleaning materials for janitorial, automotive or household use. We are a UK manufacturer – our products are made here in the heart of England and not imported and stocked. It makes a difference. All products are manufactured from carefully sourced raw material suppliers; local suppliers are used where possible to minimize transport and environmental impact.

For the Industrial / Contract Cleaner
Chemwipes manufacture superior products with more effective cleaning power enabling you to get the job done quickly, economically and more efficiently than other commercially available products. We offer keen pricing, short lead times and competitive delivery rates – to your door.

For the Re-Seller
Carry Chemwipes branded products to expand your range and increase exposure to the cleaning and hygiene marketplace. Our quality means that you will never be compromised with your customers.

Contract Manufacture In addition to our own excellent range of product we offer a ‘Contract Manufacturing’ service second to none. Your product will be manufactured to the highest standards with a stated lead time. Small orders, low volume repeat business is very welcome. Own label, artwork and packaging can be designed by us to enable you to enhance your product.

Bespoke Products
Custom, one-off and unusual projects are welcome. Chemwipes have designed and produced merchandise for major industrial and commercial manufacturers, supermarkets and small retailers alike who appreciate the technical excellence that we can bring to your product.

Whatever your cleaning requirement we have the solution for you. Wet wipes or other cleaning materials for janitorial, aviation, household, automotive & equine use from